The following is a partial list of recently completed projects for consultancy clients:

Regional payer negotiation simulation: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia & Mexico

Leading US biotechnology company
Miami, USA
November 2016

Payer value message testing in a large tumour type

US pharmaceutical company
April 2016

Pan-Asian metabolic disorders portfolio review

European pharmaceutical company
Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
February 2016

Private insurance portfolio strategic review

Leading international pharmaceutical company
January 2016

Payer roundtable and payer toolkit development meeting

Orphan drug manufacturer
Bogotá, Colombia, November 2015

Research for a novel agent in three gastro-enterology indications

International pharmaceutical company
September 2015

Stakeholder research in a haematology indication

Leading global speciality pharmaceutical company
June 2015

Payer research project in a novel neurology product

Leading international pharmaceutical company
March – April 2015

Pricing research for a novel immunology product

Leading international pharmaceutical company
Saudi Arabia, Brazil & Mexico
February 2015

Payer preferences survey for a marketed oncology product

Thailand, Algeria, Ukraine & South Korea
Leading international pharmaceutical company
March 2014